Interview mit Melanie

Interview with Melanie

Melanie is a trained seamstress and has a great passion for needlework, sewing and DIY projects. Her open-minded nature makes it easy for customers to feel welcome and at ease straight away.
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Why did you switch jobs to the start-up world?

I decided to switch to the startup world because I appreciate the creativity and the opportunity to build something new. Startups also often offer faster development opportunities.

Would you say that you left your comfort zone for adretto?

I wouldn't say that. I was more looking for a challenge and saw the growth potential in adretto.

What makes your work at adretto special?

I would say that I'm not only responsible for the fit and look of the suit, but also for making customers feel comfortable and confident. I am involved in improving the shopping experience of adretto's customers. With my friendly and direct manner, I realize how happy I can make customers. I really enjoy dealing with customers in our showroom. It gives me the opportunity to apply the skills I've learned as a seamstress and I'm also in contact with people every day.

What are you most happy about in your job?

I'm most happy when the customer looks at themselves in the mirror after a successful fitting and is delighted with their perfectly fitting adretto suit.

Have you ever had moments when you wondered why you put yourself through the stress of a start-up?

Nope ;-)

Is there a funny adretto moment you can tell us about?

Once, during a fitting, the customer came to the appointment accompanied by a woman. I thought it was his wife and wanted to ask her opinion so that I could include her in the conversation and the fitting. But it turned out to be his mother. We all had to laugh.

Hand on heart: do you think suits on men are cool?

A good outfit makes everyone a lot more attractive and self-confident.