Interview mit Francisca

Interview with Francisca

When it comes to logistics, Francisca is our woman. Everything that leaves our warehouse passes through her hands. Francisca is our fairy godmother.
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Why did you switch jobs to the start-up world?

After over 30 years and with a wealth of experience in sales in the fashion industry (women's, men's and children's departments, including accessories) and further training at the Swiss Textile College, it was time to completely reorient myself and set myself a new goal.

So I looked at the interesting, young and dynamic startup adretto. Here I feel I can make the most of my skills and expertise in the textile industry.

Would you say that you have left your comfort zone for adretto?

I would rather say that I am now in a comfort zone, as I have never worked in a start-up before. That's why I was interested at the time in joining a new company like adretto and fully supporting it with my skills and experience. For me, it's a fulfilling arrival.

What makes your work at adretto special?

I enjoy the interaction within the team and appreciate being able to contribute my ideas and creativity. We enjoy working freely and can drive the business forward with our own initiative. We are a motivated, easy-going and well-organized team and we all treat each other warmly.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I value my independence, I can make my own decisions in logistics and I work with a lot of enthusiasm and joy to ensure that every adretto customer can look forward to their parcel and the #adrettomoment.

Have you ever had moments when you wondered why you were putting yourself through the stress of a start-up?

Stress? No :) Our motto is "step by step" and that's perfect. We do one thing at a time and give our best every day!

Is there a funny adretto moment you can tell us about?

We always have funny, humorous moments and that's a good thing ;-) You need to have some fun at work.

Hand on heart: do you think suits on men are cool?

Yes of course, because with style and elegance they are great. It shows that they have a sense of themselves