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Renting Tuxedos Instead of Buying: How to Easily Rent Your Tuxedo Online

In our exclusive online shop, we offer a wide selection of evening wear, suits, and accessories for rent.
This includes your matching tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants, patent leather shoes, jacket, cummerbund,
blazer, tie, bow tie, vest, bow, and much more in various colors.

6 Reasons Why Renting a Tuxedo at Adretto is Worth It

Adretto makes it easy and convenient for you to wear a high-quality tuxedo for special occasions.
Here are six compelling reasons why it's worth renting a tuxedo with us:

  1. Instead of spending a lot of money on buying a tuxedo suit, you can rent one at adretto for a
    fraction of the price and still enjoy an elegant look.
  2. Our collection includes exclusive designer tuxedos made from the finest Italian wool. You
    can shine in a luxurious suit without breaking your budget.
  3. Every occasion calls for a different look. With the ability to try out various styles and designs,
    you'll find your perfect outfit with us.
  4. Our service includes free delivery directly to your home. Before the event, you can comfortably
    try on the rented tuxedo and ensure it fits perfectly.
  5. After the event, you don't have to worry about cleaning or properly storing the tuxedo.
    Just return it, and we'll take care of it.
  6. By renting a tuxedo from the tuxedo rental, you contribute to more sustainability.

Rent your wardrobe at adretto now and be ready for unforgettable James Bond moments in
timeless elegance! Adretto - The straightforward tuxedo rental.

Wedding guest in a suit

Where does a MAN wear a tuxedo

Keep in mind: the dress codes Black Tie / White Tie call for a tuxedo.

Here are some of the most common events and occasions where men wear a tuxedo:

  • As a groom for a wedding
  • Evening wear for gala celebrations
  • Formal weddings with a Black Tie or White Tie dress code
  • Opera or theater visits
  • Balls or dance events
  • Invitations to exclusive dinners or receptions
  • Casino nights
  • Award ceremonies
  • Charity events or fundraising galas
  • Cruises
  • Proms and other formal dances

In general, a tuxedo is worn at all these events in combination with a white shirt, a black bow tie,
a pocket square, black patent leather shoes, and a vest.

You received an invitation? Then get started putting your outfit together!

Choosing the Right Tuxedo - What to Consider!

When choosing the right tuxedo, there are important points to consider:

  1. Check the dress code of the event to ensure a tuxedo is appropriate.
  2. Choose a tuxedo that fits well and flatters your body for an elegant appearance.
  3. Look for high-quality fabrics that provide comfort and a sophisticated look.
  4. Opt for a classic or modern tuxedo style that matches your personal taste and the occasion.
  5. Black is the traditional color, but navy or dark gray can be a stylish alternative.
  6. Pay attention to the quality of details such as buttons, lapels, and seams to
    ensure the tuxedo is well-crafted.
  7. Select matching accessories like a bow tie, cufflinks, and a pocket square to complete
    your look and add that special touch.

Man in black and white tuxedo

Tuxedo Rental: Renting a Tuxedo Online Made Easy & Hassle-Free

Renting outfits online has never been so convenient! With adretto, you can choose your perfect
tuxedo for various occasions in just a few steps:

    1. Category "Tuxedo" - Here you will find a variety that will inspire you.
    2. Configurator: Use the convenient configurator to put together your own outfit or be
      inspired by pre-made items. Choose the desired clothing items such as jacket, tuxedo
      shirt, vest, pants, cummerbund, vest & shoes.
    3. Complete your order: Add your outfit to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
    4. Body measurements: Provide us with your body measurements so that we can provide
      you with an optimally fitting tuxedo. A well-fitting tuxedo is crucial for an elegant look.
    5. Details: Enter your personal details and delivery address so that we can deliver
      the rented tuxedo to your home in time.
    6. Review your order and choose the desired payment method. Everything is made transparent
      and easy so you don't have to worry about anything else.
    7. Confirm your order, and you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order.
    8. Free delivery about 10 days before the event. You have ample time for fitting to ensure
      everything fits perfectly and meets your expectations.
    9. Adjustment? Feel free to contact us. We offer free alternative sizes or further
      adjustments to ensure your complete comfort.
    10. Wear your outfit proudly at the event and enjoy a stylish and unforgettable appearance.
    11. After the event, return the worn tuxedo within three days without cleaning. Adretto covers
      the shipping costs, so you don't have to worry about anything else.
    12. Cleaning: Adretto takes care of cleaning the
    13. Cleaning: Adretto takes care of cleaning the items to provide them in
      flawless condition for the next rental.

    With adretto, renting a tuxedo becomes a hassle-free experience. Get the perfect look without
    having to worry about cleaning, storage, or adjustments.

    Your All-in-one Solution for Finding the Perfect Tuxedo

    Discover the all-in-one solution for finding the perfect tuxedo at adretto – the most convenient
    way to guarantee an elegant appearance!

    • Extensive selection of high-quality tuxedos and matching accessories.
    • No need to visit numerous stores or go through the tedious search for individual items,
      everything in one place.
    • Careful coordination for a harmonious and elegant overall look.
    • Convenient online selection and compilation of festive attire.
    • Easy return of all rented clothing items and accessories after the event.

    Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we ensure that all included items are of high quality.

    Man in a black tuxedo

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Tuxedo Online

    How do I find the right size?

    We will ask you for information such as age, height, and weight to get an initial assessment of your
    measurements. Our algorithm compares your details with thousands of our orders, and the
    expert team makes the final decision. Additionally, we provide you with a detailed video guide.

    How long can I keep the items?

    You can return rented items until a maximum of 3 days after the event. For an additional fee,
    you can extend the rental period as needed.

    Will my individual preferences be considered?

    Yes, you can express your preferences. Use the configurator to customize your outfit. The costs
    vary depending on the selected options.

    What happens if items are damaged?

    In case of accidental damage to the rented items, please report the damage to us. Minor damages
    will be assessed, while for larger damages requiring repair or replacement, a portion of the
    sale price will be charged to cover the costs.

    Is a reservation required?

    No reservation is required for the tuxedo at adretto. You can simply choose and order your outfit online.

    What if the rented tuxedo doesn't fit?

    If the tuxedo doesn't fit, you don't have to worry. At adretto, we deliver it about 10 days before your
    event to ensure you have enough time for fitting. If something doesn't fit properly or meet your
    expectations, we offer the option to send a suitable size.

    Man tying a tie in black and white

    Tuxedo Rental - Complete Tuxedo Rental Instead of Buying

    At adretto, the focus is on providing you with a comfortable and uncomplicated experience. With
    a clear ordering process and flexible rental periods, we enable you to dress stylishly and wear
    a premium suit without having to own it.

    Received an invitation to celebrate? No problem – we've got you covered! At adretto, you'll find
    everything you need for special events like opera balls, theater, weddings, or formal dinners.
    Rent the perfect attire today as an organizer or guest for your event.

    Consultation & Fitting - You can schedule an appointment with us online to try on a shirt, bow tie,
    cravat, tie, patent leather shoes, cummerbund, vests, jackets - dinner jackets, and
    suits in general to determine the fit.