Interview mit Dominique

Interview with Dominique

Dominique Krüsi, the woman for the Swiss customers at adretto. She helps, she looks for solutions, she reacts quickly and she makes sure that our customers are happy.

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Why did you change job-wise to the startup world?
I've had great jobs in my professional career and have been able to meet a lot of interesting people. However, I never felt like I could really make a difference. A real turning point came with adretto.

Would you say that you left your comfort zone for adretto?
Yes, and how! I was hooked right from the start, but as a safety-loving person I didn't want to take any ill-considered risks. Driven by my own motivation and my unbroken belief in the cause, I joined adretto in September 2022.

What makes your work at adretto special?
I am completely satisfied and now have the feeling that I have arrived professionally. I am surrounded by great people, I can organize my work optimally and thus do more for my life balance.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The enormous appreciation of our customers and also of adretto.
That drives the engine.

Have you ever had unfriendly customers on the other end of the line?
First of all: everyone has a bad day, we are not machines.
I can not remember. But if so, it doesn't seem to have made a lasting impression

Is there one funny, neat moment that you can tell us about?
Not funny in that sense, but I have fond memories of our 1st Christmas dinner. After a successful "juwel robbery in the escape room" we were later the loudest laughing table in the restaurant. An occasion that certainly helped shape our adretto family.

Hand on heart: does your dream man wear suits?
Yes he does. But he also wears rough boots and a lumberjack shirt 😊 The outfit has to match the occasion. A well-fitting suit radiates sovereignty, self-confidence and success. At this point a request to the gentlemen:
you wear the suit The suit doesn't carry you.

If you are unsure about size, style and dress code, just give Customer Happiness a call!