Festlicher blauer Anzug mit blauer Weste, weissem Hemd, blauer Fliege, und Cognac Schuhe und Gurt
Blauer Anzug mit Cognac Lederschuhe von hinten
Blaue fliege mit weissen Punkten
Blaue Weste mit weissen Einstecktuch
Blauer Sakko mit weissem Hemd und cognac Lederghürtel
Blaue Anzughose mit cognac Lederschuhe und blauer Weste
Elegante cognac Lederschuhe


Includes waist coat, shirt, shoes, and 3 accessories - Dressed strikingly chic - with the necessary understanding of fashion.

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The outfit Luca is the classic three-piece suit in blue, including a waistcoat. Luca is the right choice for a festive occasion when you want to pull out all the stops with your outfit, but you don't want to outshine the guest of honor. The shoes and the matching belt in Cognac create the perfect contrast to the dark blue tone of the suit.

The white shirt and pocket square, as well as the white dots on the bow tie, add a touch of lightness to the outfit. If you want to experiment with accessory colors yourself, you can do so through the Pick your accessories button.

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