Schatz, muss das sein?

Darling, is this really necassary?

Invited to a very special occasion with a dress code? What to do? Where can men and women get a suitable outfit?

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Well, women usually turn this challenge into a physical shopping trip. After all, most women like the marathon from store to store and dressing room to dressing room. We deliberately say “most” because there are exceptions. The usual cliché of the woman shopping with the man waiting patiently and coldly in front of the shop still applies today.

Then we still have the pragmatic world of men. They just want a tuxedo to match. Or a great suit. Ideally with the right all-rounder at the same time. And above all, they want all of this without having to throw themselves into the hustle and bustle of shopping.

To this day we don't know of any men who think it's cool to have to buy a suit for a special occasion. And the tuxedo is the number one enemy for most men. It always looks the same and similar, but usually only fits after 38 failed attempts and then still has to be unplugged, changed and tried again.

Men don't see the point in doing all this to be able to wear the glamorous outfit just once. You are too pragmatic and structured in your head for that. Most see it as a waste of money that could have been better used. And then they torment themselves into the shopping mall, because the female companion with big wide eyes puts on the "I'm-otherwise-so-sad-look". Kabooooom – the man is faster in a much too narrow changing room than he would like.

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